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DNA 75 measurements?


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I need a few measurements.


 center to center for each of these.

between the 2 small buttons.

between the fire button and one of the smaller buttons.

I need to see if this will fit a box I have, but I want to be sure. 




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ok, excellent, I now have 1 measurement = the 10.2mm. now what I need is the distance between the 8mm button and a 4mm button.

now, this doesn't need to be an absolute spot on measurement. calipers and eyeballing will get the job done.



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AWESOME ! you gave me exactly what I needed, I just had to look a little closer .

I have a bricked 300w DotMod. the screen is torn from its ribbon, ribbon is soldered to the chip. I bought it this way, not knowing it was torn.

it looks like a DNA75 chip will fit . I will just have to custom Mount it, not a real problem.


thanx a ton man 😃

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