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Need your help with Hcigar VT167 repair (DNA250)


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I'm trying to fix my DNA board locally. I bought BQ76925RGER module from Texas Instruments, which is for 99% broken (showed me random voltage values on both cells when plugged and displayed "Check Battery") and gave to local service center. Unfortunately I came across a dishonest service technician - he told he will do it without any problem and now 2 resistors are missing and 1 is dislocated. At this time device doesn't recongise even voltage delivered by USB port but I'm not sure if it's not caused by not connected balance cable and the pin. He also burnt my screen from the bottom - I think he did it without any knowledge.   I will be very thankful if you give me the parameters of parts marked on the attached photo, I want to send it to more experienced technician. I've found also that there's a way to recognise if the IC module is working well by measuring resistance of balance pin number one, but I've found correct values only for DNA200, which has different arragement of the parts.

I look forward for any tips which I can share to the next serviceman, especially how to check, if there's any chance to repair it correctly. I've attached photos of my board.

Thank you for help and best regards!




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1 hour ago, karol1241 said:

I can't believe my eyes... Asked Evolv support for the datasheet but they want to replace the board for me. That's why DNA's will be the best for a long time.

Great news.....  Great customer service....

The link I posted earlier has the Datasheet.... clink where it says datasheet to see it....

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