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  1. I can't believe my eyes... Asked Evolv support for the datasheet but they want to replace the board for me. That's why DNA's will be the best for a long time.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to fix my DNA board locally. I bought BQ76925RGER module from Texas Instruments, which is for 99% broken (showed me random voltage values on both cells when plugged and displayed "Check Battery") and gave to local service center. Unfortunately I came across a dishonest service technician - he told he will do it without any problem and now 2 resistors are missing and 1 is dislocated. At this time device doesn't recongise even voltage delivered by USB port but I'm not sure if it's not caused by not connected balance cable and the pin. He also burnt my screen from the bottom - I think he did it without any knowledge. I will be very thankful if you give me the parameters of parts marked on the attached photo, I want to send it to more experienced technician. I've found also that there's a way to recognise if the IC module is working well by measuring resistance of balance pin number one, but I've found correct values only for DNA200, which has different arragement of the parts. I look forward for any tips which I can share to the next serviceman, especially how to check, if there's any chance to repair it correctly. I've attached photos of my board. Thank you for help and best regards!
  3. karol1241

    Where to buy Lost Vape Paranormal 250C?

    Solved, bought in a local shop. Thank you for help.
  4. karol1241

    Where to buy Lost Vape Paranormal 250C?

    Too much for me. I can buy it cheaper in local shop.
  5. Hello, my Hcigar Vt167 got broken (BQ76925 chip, I'm finding a store to buy spare one and a person who will do it) and now I'm thinking about getting Lost Vape Paranormal 250C. Unfortunately, 3 weeks ago it got discontinued from Fasttech or HeavenGifts. I can't buy it from USA's shops because I live in Poland and shipping cost would be bigger than the box's cost. In local shops it's for ~160$ so it's finality regarding 110$ on Fasttech/Aliexpress. Thank you for help!
  6. karol1241

    Switch from Hcigar VT200 to another one.

    I had a VT200 and I'm looking for a similar mod or if not present new VT200 from any shop. Yes, I've had an occasion because VT133 got broken, I bought VT167 and sold VT133 as a new past the Evolv warranty repair. I love VT200, propably I will buy another one, I can see no better DNA200/250 LiPo mods.
  7. Hello, I've sold my Hcigar VT200 box which I've been using for about 1,5 year. I was really happy and the only reason for selling was his usage time and expired warranty. I would buy something smiliar to that box - light, well-made and maybe on DNA250 (I've heard that the battery managing chip was improved from DNA200). I switched from VT133 to VT167 too. Are there any alternatives for VT200 or should I buy that one? Thank you for help and best regards, Karol.
  8. Thank you for help, I've noticed that DNA boards prevents from getting more than it's safe by entering max number in Escribe (peak input A).
  9. Hello,today I get my new Smok TFv8 tank, and on 0.16ohm coil it should be used with ~100watts on Hcigar Vt167, unfortunatelly on 70w the device shows 21A (on the screen), I have HG2 batteries (they are listed as 20A current max). How to measure real input current (taking into account the serial connection) or just block getting more than 20A from batteries? I don't wanna say goodbye to my hands. Thank you for help!
  10. karol1241

    Hcigar vt133 battery voltage problem

    I sent my device to Evolv, holding on to get it back. They have the best support I've ever had. Thank you for your help, my problem is solved.
  11. karol1241

    Hcigar vt133 battery voltage problem

    I will make last try today, it looks just black (I'm not sure but I think it's burned because I can't see any numbers on it). Again voltage with batteries is crazy. BTW I have one more to check - when I'm moving the batteries in case (spring adjusts) voltage dramatically moves - maybe this is broken
  12. karol1241

    Hcigar vt133 battery voltage problem

    Like I told you sending cost from Poland is really expensive so I decided to see what's wrong with my device.I saw that the Battery Manage IC was with white powder, also it was a little more black (maybe fired...), I've cleaned it with Isopropyl, and let it dry for 2 hours. Look now at that screenshots (first with battery, second without) http://screenshot.sh/ouTJNZ0ruJGcb http://screenshot.sh/mE72GBVCgx52LI also attached board picture in attachment, please take a look. The best way for me is to avoid sending it anywhere further than Poland.Regards
  13. karol1241

    Hcigar vt133 battery voltage problem

    Is there any way to repair it locally? I bought it in China shop, it would take a long time to get it back.
  14. karol1241

    Hcigar vt133 battery voltage problem

    Hello, yesterday I noticed that every attempt to put the batteries in makes different percent and voltage - look at this http://screenshot.sh/m9eKws1lOrBvR , real Voltage is 4.06 both, is there any way to repair it?edit: without batteries (just usb cable) http://screenshot.sh/oB4TpTnNFCeRB
  15. karol1241

    Dead battery in Hcigar vt200?

    Seems to be dead battery - second cell dropped from 3.8 to 3.5v during 2second puff. Also it really fast charges - in 10 secs voltage of this cell increased by 0.1 (3.5 -> 3.6V) http://screenshot.sh/odw7F8zkXbiEP