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Hcigar vt75c not performing even close to my triade 250c


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There are many knowledgeable mods and users here that could help you, you don't need to wait for me.

This could be many things, or a combination of things.
What do you mean "doesn't perform nearly as well" ?

Are they both using the same 'material' file?
Are you sure they're both using ALL the same profile settings?
Do they both read/show a similar coil resistance when cold/ambient temp?

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14 minutes ago, Adam_Aves said:

Thanks @Wayneo, I am pretty sure they are exact same material (I will triple check) and the resistance reads the same for the atomizer on both mods. Only difference I could see is room temp is 10 degress or so higher on hcigar.

I was going to try case analyzer in the am


Well don't do like I did a couple of weeks ago. I accepted the setting from atomizer analyzer but fogot to upload to device so I had to do it again.

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