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  1. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Thanks Wayneo, thats a wealth of information. And appreciated. I have had very good TC today with a stainless steel build I made in the drop solo. Without manually locking. Im using mrbottomfeeders latest theme and I can see that the chip kind of holds the cold reading without it actually being locked. and just so everybody in here is clear this Triade is working amazingly well, best I have ever had. this whole time while I've been bugging about locking ohms I'm still at 60% battery, first charge. Yes this is the comprehensive answer I've been searching for. Thank you, as wayneo mention to me in the first reply he gave me to not lock there's some feature that DNA
  2. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Yes this is the comprehensive answer I've been searching for. Thank you, as wayneo mentioned to me in the first reply he gave me to not lock ohms manually, there's some feature that DNA does, "refinement". So as I now understand, once a temp sensing atty is put in at room temp no need to lock bcuz the dna chip will take care of all calcuations and use refinement, for example, to do proper Temp control. Edit: now I dont use any cotton, this is a ti coil on a ceramic rod with oil put directly on it, just so all is clear.
  3. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    I just bought some wire from my mom and pop Vape shop, the proprietor who sold me my triade and has every mod known to man, and is a master coil builders answer to: "should I lock ohms on my temp sensing coils with dna". Was: "Of course thats how tc works by locking the cold resistance first".
  4. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Would you agree @Wayneo, and if say I installed a new atty and the triade asks "new atomizer" and I select yes, does that "lock" the resistance? " As stated above. Or is that just normal conditions ie: the dna chip is taking care of all the live measurements and the atty is not actually locked? Thanks
  5. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Look at my recent posts, some have said lock, some have said not to. And I was wrong I thought some of the replys im mentioning were mods. Im now using mrbottomfeeders latest theme so I can easily see all info. So would you guys (mods on this thread) recommend not locking temp sensing coils, but just installing them at room temp, and let the 250c chip take care of things? And in your experience how much would a coil have to "drift" ohms to lock it? I am using ti temp control. Thanks and my apologies for the one heated reply I had.
  6. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Good to know, I am sorry for being a wang then I was just fired up when I got some conflicting answers, your a solid dewd and these forums are not crap.
  7. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    No need to yell, you said most mods here would say not to, so that was bad info dewd. These forums are really crap. Ill try to help when I can.
  8. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    @Wayneo this mod and a few others are recommending to lock cold ohms, thats also what I know from my other non dna mods.
  9. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Thanks @zark, this is the answer I needed. Some mods here suggested never to lock (unless ohms float alot ) as the dna board takes care of it.
  10. Adam_Aves

    Locking watts

    @DJLsb Vapes has an awesome theme that is helping me learn my dna 250c. He also has a YouTube tutorial for escribe. Highly recommend.
  11. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Ok I see @lordmage Do you lock your ohms when using tc on the ti and ni profiles? And do you lock ohms when your using replay with Watts as material?
  12. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Thanks @lordmage That makes sense. Why do you choose material watt for your ss coils? Do you not like to use SS as material with TC for those? Ive noticed even with my ti coil that using: material watt and then replay works very well.
  13. Adam_Aves

    Replay Mode Help

    Hi @lordmage, I'm a little confused with replay but almost there I'm using a triple titanium coil with a resistance that doesn't float. Its .35 If if I use my first profile which is replay, and leave the material on Watt, adjust to a good known wattage (in this case 35 watt) get a good puff and save it. Then replay that puff, is it doing some sort of temp control (utilizing replay)? or do I NEED to change the material to TI in this replay profile for any kind of temp control? thanks
  14. Adam_Aves

    Do I need to lock resistance with replay?

    @retird I am really enjoying replay. It seems I am using stock profile 1 (watt) with replay on at 35 watt which works great with my triple ti coil. Question should I be going into the ti profile (5 , I think) and doing replay from there for the "replay style temp control" or is it best for me to stay where im at, I usually do 8 second puffs.
  15. Adam_Aves

    help pls ohms question

    hi, i had been using an arctic fox firmware setup where you have to lock resistance, so it was just weird coming to dna and it seems its best not to lock resistance( generally ) unless coil fluctuates or drifts alot. its working very well in replay, and for the triple coils mentioned above you can push them a bit more , 35 watts is good. These triple ti coils usually sit at .35 or .36 as my room temperature fluctuates. They usually dont move around to much at all though, I am thinking I will not lock and see the results. I am really happy to have this Triade 250 C, very satisfied already.