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DNA 250 strangely low .16~.17a usb current limit.

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Need help. background info. I installed a new lipo changed the connector to match (xt30) looked good to me after it was done.

all the read outs check to me but the usb current limit. its been like 6 hours from 50% to 70% like wtf. .16a. i just don't know what could be the issue i should get minimum .5a.

250 .16a limit.jpg

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now i'm hearing it might be a blown fuse. after it charged last night the battery almost dropped to zero for i don't know what reason. though the usb current is now higher at .23 it's still low. and i've let it sit charging for hours and its still stuck at zero percent. even with usb battery recovery. the usb power is at 1.1 now. do you guys think it's the fuse?

blown fuse.png

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