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Want a (2) new DNA mod(s), don't want the one I have...


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I bought a DNA mod about a year ago from a guy I used to be friends with. I bought it about a week after he got it along with a titanium Goon (wanted the Goon and had to buy them both) and didn't really use the mod much because I have so many others to play with. Finally got around to trying it out and it lasted about a week sadly. Well I found this forum and with the (tremendous) help of dwcraig1 was able to get it fixed! Well it came in today from being fixed by Evolv (straight best CS EVER!!!) and I opened it up and the chip wasn't glued in or however it's supposed to be affixed so the buttons fell out. I sat it on the shelf (didn't even try to find the buttons (depression is a bitch) and went and laid down out of frustration.

Well my wife came home at 9:30 tonight and saw it and wanted to know why I wasn't using it and I told her about the buttons and whatnot. I finally put it back together (took all of 15 seconds to find and put together) and tossed the lipo in. DAMN! I forgot how amazing this thing is!!! So I've been using it the last few hours and I love the damn thing more than any other mod I've ever had, and just like most of you I've had (have) dozens.


Now here's my issue:

1. I don't like this box, I originally bought it to get the titanium Goon but soon learned the magic that is Evolv.

2. I want something plain, and this box is nothing but an attention getter.

3. As awesome as the lipo is, I have about 20 each of 18650/27700s and prefer them.

4. I want something that's "mine" that I've decided on.


So is my mod actually worth anything, or is it just another basic mod? If it's not worth anything should I just remove the chip and put it in a new enclosure, or sell it cheap and buy a new chip/mod? Lastly, is there a difference between the DNA250 and DNA250 color besides the screens? I would rather have the "fun" of the color in my next one if there's no other difference.


Lastly, how to I get the chip to stay in the box? I don't want to just put a drop of super glue on it since that seems haggard as hell, but I also don't want it being help in there just by the battery holding it in place.





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