Internal wiring for single 21700

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I'm making a new housing for my board, just wondering about the optimal wire size that i should use for quite a while.

So a 21700 can go up to 30-40 amps. The 75c can cope with up to 30A continuous current. The optimal wire size to support this current is 14GA. Problem is the 14GA wire barely fits in the soldering areas of the board, there's no room to actually solder it properly. I did it once and it was a living hell, i wasn't satisfied by the outcome either. 16GA fits nicely but it's up to 22A. Which makes me wonder what kind of wire the common parallel dual battery mods use (therion, paranormal). They must have 14GA fitted somehow. Even the Mirage should have it as a 21700 mod.

Any of you had that problem? Is there a solution i'm missing? Any tips to fit 14GA?

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A quality, temperature controlled, soldering station and 14 gauge is not problem at all.  Tin the pad, tin the wire, and use silicon wire, a tiny dab of quality rosin flux on the pad and it's quite easy to solder effectively with a temperature controlled iron.

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