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Do I need to lock resistance with replay?


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if in the replay mode the thermocontrol material is used then the resistance blocking is needed, if the watts are used then the blocking does not make sense. Try to set the theme of frenk65 or mine, in them, if you change the resistance, you can block the cold resistance


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Hi, when you say "block" in your reply above you mean lock, right?


And it is for coils that are temperature sensing (ss316)  that im using. I am looking at themes, but want to learn a bit as I go, and make my own themes later. Im just wondering how to lock atomizer in replay (whether on mod or escribe) or if its even necessary.




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@retird I am really enjoying replay. It seems I am using stock profile 1 (watt) with replay on at 35 watt which works great with my triple ti coil.


Question should I be going into the ti profile (5 , I think) and doing replay from there for the "replay style temp control" or is it best for me to stay where im at, I usually do 8 second puffs.

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