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Good Fonts ?

formula 1

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Fonts are such a personal style thing. I prefer what they call 'Sans Serif' fonts. I think that's French for without Serifs which are the little frilly points at the ends of a character. So, I've colorized the Evolv default theme font and enlarged some fields to the larger size. If you're into that more minimal style, in the Clean Colors theme, Charlie used a special Microsoft font called Segoe UI which was meant for small displays. I used that font as well before.

One last thing I've noticed. Let's say for your small size, setup 3 different sizes just as a visual test on the same screen. Like size 12, 13 and 14. All saying the same thing, and load them up. Now slowly tilting the mod up/down/sideways you might notice 1 looking 'fuller' than the other. That's the size I'd choose.

Good luck.

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Thanks Wayneo , i will have to trawl a few font sites and see what comes up but i think you're right with the sans and serif they seem to be the ones best suited for smaller text , i took this photo from the new Drone 250C do you know what font they are using because it looks so clean or its photo shopped


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