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Charger - Best way 2/1 Amp


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Hey Folks, 

did tried to google it but could not find much details about best charging through the DNA Go to the 950 mAh Battery.
Many reports stated 45 minute for a full charge. To be honest. Mine takes much longer. 60 and more minutes.
I used my iPad charger until today which is able to deliver 2.1A of charging power.

Lost Vape says on their Website 1M Charging Board.

OK, i used a normale USB cable the same i use to connect to escribe. Not the delivered one. But this should not  make a difference i guess.

Is this the wrong one then? Would love to reach the 45 minutes as i might need to recharge in the office during the breaks.
So do you recommend a special charger? Curious to know which chargers you use.

thanks armin

Orion DNA GO – Lost Vape 2018-11-25 15-07-28.png

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more details
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Set me a timer now on 45 minutes. Used the delivered usb cable on a ipad charger.

Started with 3.4 Volt ended after 45 minutes with 3.85 Volt.
Mod is handwarm.  Device monitor tells me 54% charged.

Can i leave a DNA Go over night on the charger? Usually never did this with mods. 

Device Monitor - Orion_Black_Armin 2018-11-25 21-48-56.png

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Your iPad charger is probably only charging the mod a .5amp, need to use a meter to know for sure. I know that some of my chargers definitely take longer than others, even though they are all rated between 2.1a to 3.4a. I actually have a cheapo Walmart charge pack that charges it the fastest, but the mod runs warmer than I like when hooked to it.

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well. ...

Better not use an Apple Charger. This can be misleading. Now I used a „dumb“ HTC 1A charger an e voila much better results. 

Started with 3.6 - 45 minutes had 4.08 and 60 minutes a full charge with 4.19 Volt. 


Will now try the 0.5 pod and see if I could come around on my working day  usually 8-9 hours  


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