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Vandy Vape SS316L Fused Clapton Wire (24ga*2+32ga)


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I worked together with Vandy Vape support to find out what is wrong, and we found out that it was my buil that created the problem with REPLAY.

So I can now confirm that this wire is indeed working with REPLAY and TC.

Sorry for the first misleading post, just ignore it.

I made 2 new coil builds with support of the Vandy Vape Support Team on different atomizers and both work fine without problems in TC and REPLAY on my Triade DNA250C.

So I like to give a shoutout and a big thank you to the good supporters @ Vandy Vape for their patience and help !

PS: If there is an admin following this, maybe you can remove the first post, so people do not get confused ?

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