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First Mod Design Advice


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Hi everyone! First time posting here. I've been wanting to use my 3d printer to make a mod for some time. I think I have a finalized design but I could definitely use a second look from all of the experienced modders here :)

First the pics! It's my first time so go easy ;) Front plate got a little washed out in the render. Still learning the software.


Here it is with the lid off. I decided to capture the front face plate in the enclosure for two reasons. First I wanted to be able to remove the faceplate and board if needed. Secondly, because I incorporated the board standoffs into the faceplate it can't print in the same orientation as the rest of the enclosure without supports.


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Battery: https://www.maxamps.com/lipo-2250-4s-14-8v-battery-pack

I chose the battery based on a size I felt I was comfortable with. I didn't want it to be too big. I know watts determines cloud production and 4s gives you more watts. Sooooo... I thought it would be fun to make something that could produce large clouds. Is my thinking right here with the decision on this battery?

510 connector: 149-5-800x800.thumb.jpg.857be4967a1ad66c23e83caba6cef3b0.jpg

I'm not exactly sure what this is? But it had a diagram so I used it for when I modeled the 510 connector for placement etc. I could definitely use some advice on what to use here. If someone had a model that would be amazing ;)

Switch: I'd like to use a separate switch but wasn't sure where it got wired in or what the best switch to use. I know it's a NO momentary switch. Anyone have any advice on a cool one to use??


Thanks everyone in advance for any advice you provide!! Also here's a better pic of the front.

Oh! And the dimensions are 110mm x 68mm x 40mm. Does that seem like a reasonable and comfortable size? I won't be at my printer to print this until next week.



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I was curious what a larger "nicer" switch would look like. Found this one here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Langir-Vandal-proof-push-button-switch-V16-16mm-Waterproof-stainless-steel/298413790.html

Went ahead and modeled it roughly to see how it would fit. Pretty tight in there. I think I could move the 510 connector closer to the battery and wire it around the switch. Thoughts?



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Great start! I'm learning Fusion360 myself :)

For batteries, I'm leaning toward the VenomPower 30 or 50C types for 4 cell, they are MUCH smaller and much more inexpensive compared to MaxAMPs, (Their 4S, 1400 mAH 30C is 85mm x 30mm x 26.5mm) costs about $30. Sure,  it only pushes 40A constant, but with the board limited to 10V and 60A, no really need for something extreme ;) OH!, may want to look at batteries geared more toward Aircraft instead of Quads, sure, Lower C Rating, but you also get more mAH capacity in a smaller size.

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