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  1. Now I just need to actually make the thing lol. Anyone know a good wood artisan?
  2. Finally decided how to make this stand out. I used to be in the navy lol. Also added slots for 3mm cylinder magnets on the lid to hold it all together. Front panel will prevent any lateral sliding.
  3. I was curious what a larger "nicer" switch would look like. Found this one here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Langir-Vandal-proof-push-button-switch-V16-16mm-Waterproof-stainless-steel/298413790.html Went ahead and modeled it roughly to see how it would fit. Pretty tight in there. I think I could move the 510 connector closer to the battery and wire it around the switch. Thoughts?
  4. Also just for funsies here's everything laid out on the print bed. 6 hours to print the entire thing. Costs about $3 worth of plastic.
  5. Battery: https://www.maxamps.com/lipo-2250-4s-14-8v-battery-pack I chose the battery based on a size I felt I was comfortable with. I didn't want it to be too big. I know watts determines cloud production and 4s gives you more watts. Sooooo... I thought it would be fun to make something that could produce large clouds. Is my thinking right here with the decision on this battery? 510 connector: I'm not exactly sure what this is? But it had a diagram so I used it for when I modeled the 510 connector for placement etc. I could definitely use some advice on what to use here. If someone had a model that would be amazing Switch: I'd like to use a separate switch but wasn't sure where it got wired in or what the best switch to use. I know it's a NO momentary switch. Anyone have any advice on a cool one to use?? Thanks everyone in advance for any advice you provide!! Also here's a better pic of the front. Oh! And the dimensions are 110mm x 68mm x 40mm. Does that seem like a reasonable and comfortable size? I won't be at my printer to print this until next week.
  6. Hi everyone! First time posting here. I've been wanting to use my 3d printer to make a mod for some time. I think I have a finalized design but I could definitely use a second look from all of the experienced modders here First the pics! It's my first time so go easy Front plate got a little washed out in the render. Still learning the software. Here it is with the lid off. I decided to capture the front face plate in the enclosure for two reasons. First I wanted to be able to remove the faceplate and board if needed. Secondly, because I incorporated the board standoffs into the faceplate it can't print in the same orientation as the rest of the enclosure without supports.
  7. Everything about this sounds great except the extremely tight fit. For my very first build I want some extra room to play with. Isn't a 1590B a bigger case?
  8. I've been reading through a lot of the forums and am hoping to get some of you knowledgeable chaps in here to lend me some sage advice. I'm trying to make some decisions about batteries and box size. I think I'm leaning towards using a lipo battery for my setup instead of 18650s. I'm looking for big battery capacity. I use quite regularly. Currently I'm on two 18650s and they last me about a day. I'm looking for similar if not more capacity with a Lipo pack. Does anyone have any suggestions about what battery pack to get and what size hammond box that would make sense to use with it?
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