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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm returning to modding since my last builds with dna25's and excited to try some things out. My design will have 2 2x700s powering a dna250 board, and I have seen some conflicting answers here and elsewhere about wiring so I thought I'd come out and ask. FYI I vape (don't laugh) 0.1 ohm Revvo coils at 45-50W but occasionally bring out a squonker or an RTA from time to time, never above 70W. Q1) Some people have said to wire in series, and I've seen T1—T4 bridged with B+, and it's getting lost in the way my head organizes things. Here's my plan, please tell me if I'm wrong: I'll bus the B- with the two negative ends of each battery. In fact my design has a copper "endoskeleton" so I'll use that for bridging/busing, solder to B-, and as Gnd for the 510 **[subquestion: can I still use that for up, down, fire switch negatives?]** Then, can I wire cell 1 + and cell 2 + to the board in the "1" and "2" holes in the first image? I don't see a reason to use the 4 pin connector, electrically it should be equivalent, right? I'll throw a pig tail into the GND hole from my B-/Gnd endoskeleton just to be thorough as well. This doesn't seem like series or parallel, but individual--do I need to bridge positives for any reason? Seems like you'd lose the individual cell monitoring and charging. Q2) If each cell's positive is separate, then what is B+ on the backside of the board for? If you were to use their suggested 3 cell Lipo with the connector, what, if anything, does the B+ become? Or is it just there in case you want to run a parallel/single cell? Q3) If I were to run an LED for a flashlight, is there a "combined" positive to tap into? I could tap off of just one cell, it won't draw much or be used much, but without busing the positives anywhere (if what I said in Q1 is true) I don't see how to draw this evenly off the batteries. I don't like the idea of creating imbalance in the mod, but if it must be done.... Just to clarify, this would be for a flashlight, not connected to the fire switch. Here's my old dna25 builds from a while ago, looking forward to getting back into it and thank you guys for any help you can give!!
  2. So I am not sure how (possible juice leak?) but on one of my early prototypes mods I designed the T1 balanced tap out pin on my DNA 250c got arced and burnt up to where there is no longer any viable connection from the tap pin. I never use the USB to charge any of my mods, and I would like to keep using the chip to test builds I do. As long as I don't use the usb to charge is it ok to still use the chip with no connection to the positive from the T1 connection? Or does it also balance the amount of draw from each battery? I've never understood if which was the case. Any info would be great. I would like to get it fixed but I am not sure if that is something that would be covered under Warranty. The chip still functions just fine and the damage was limited to just the T1 connection pin. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi everyone! First time posting here. I've been wanting to use my 3d printer to make a mod for some time. I think I have a finalized design but I could definitely use a second look from all of the experienced modders here First the pics! It's my first time so go easy Front plate got a little washed out in the render. Still learning the software. Here it is with the lid off. I decided to capture the front face plate in the enclosure for two reasons. First I wanted to be able to remove the faceplate and board if needed. Secondly, because I incorporated the board standoffs into the faceplate it can't print in the same orientation as the rest of the enclosure without supports.
  4. Hi All , New to the forum, sorry if my question has been asked multiple times, I promise I have tried searching before starting a new topic. I have received and dna250 board for my therion 166 and im just looking for a wiring diagram I have the schematic from the Evolv but does not include the soldering point for the black bottom battery terminal. Thank you for any help much appreciated.
  5. Hi vape friends! I'm looking for wiring diagram to make 2x18650 DNA133 i have evolv DNA200 board. I checked the forum, but i didn't find any good diagram. Sorry for my english. Best regards from Polish vape community
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