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How to turn off Lost Vape Orion

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Also, how are you supposed to know which mode it's in, locked vs. unlocked, without firing(or trying to fire) the device?? I keep clicking the button 5 times, and nothing changes/happens. Same thing when i try to cycle through the white/red/blue power settings with the adjustment button... ABSOLUTELY nothing changes/happens, device continues to light up with only a "purple-ish" colored light... this device is SO confusing, please help!!!

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P.S., i work at a vape shop, and set up/learn about devices all day, everyday, and this device is hands-down the most confusing thing i've run into(aside from "fit mode" on the drag 2, which isn't explained anywhere in existence atm..lol what is it even for?? nobody knows lol))... which is crazy, considering almost every box mod on the market before this one has more features/functions/settings to cycle through and play around with... don't get how this tiny pod mod can only have 3 settings, and yet be so stupid to try to set up.... lol. Also, NO, I'm not about to put a dry pod on there(to burn out) while trying to demo the device. Either this thing works as is, straight out of the box, or it's essentially useless for anyone besides a KNOWLEDGEABLE, experienced vaper who knows about priming, vaping, and ALREADY knows EXACTLY how each setting feels, cuz otherwise there's no way to tell what mode/settings your in. lol, k, rant over. but seriously, REAL tips and ACTUAL, EXPERIENCE-BASED advice(from ppl who have owned, used, AND trouble-shooted issues on THIS device) only in the responses please... don't just quote the manual as to what it's "supposed" to do or shoot off "maybes", and speculation ... thanks!

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Simple to set up really....  0.25 pod is for DL (direct lung) inhale and 0.50 pod is for MTL (mouth to lung) inhale.  Connect the device to EScribe and you can see the settings, change them and upload them.  Also you can use the Device Monitor to see what the device is doing....

The instructions are detailed enough to use the Replay button, fire button, lock and unlock, and etc.  This device was made to be user friendly and easy to have replay.  The device automatically detects which pod is attached.  The 1.0 ohm pod used on the Orion Q is not designed for use on the Orion.  

Here is a video review,.... may help ya out....  that's it in a nutshell without making this a long post...


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