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Lost Vape Orion contacts.


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Just a heads up to everyone with the Orion.  So I noticed after pulling my pod off that one of the spring loaded contacts was stuck down.  The pods still made contact with it but I imagine some pods may not.  There are two small Phillip screws on either side of those contact pins if you take a screwdriver and loosen them a bit the contact will pop back up.  To stop this from happening when you tighten them back down do not over tighten and the contact will stay lose.  This happened on both of my Orion's.  Also I have one where the pod is VERY snug and will not pop out unless I give it a tug and the other pops out on its own when I pull down the release so it seems as though there are some tolerance issues at the Lost Vape factory. Just a heads up that may help someone else down the road.

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