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Resistance: How low can I Go? Discussion


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I really like the Build: Dual 19guage 6 wraps Nichrome Flatwire. Clocking Resistance in at 0.85.
For Wattage Mode, This still Fires. Great Fun too.
What are the consequences of Vaping Super-Sub Ohm (>.1), not on TC mode? 
Anyone Have experience Running under Wattage Mode Ohm Range?

Many Thanks, Your neighbourhood friendly VaperMan


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You can go down to 0.02 Ohm on the DNA 250C.

(This software limit is mostly to prevent accidental firing into paperclips, metal shavings, etc. when no real atomizer is attached. You can still use Atomizer Analyzer to read lower resistances.)

The lower you go on resistance, the more heating will end up in the 510 connector and wiring. If your mod has a high quality, high current 510 you will have no problem. You will encounter reduced power due to the current limit, however. The output current limit is 65A, so the max power is 65^2*R=4225*R. For 0.02 Ohm, that means a max of 84.5W. You can get 200W down to 0.047  Ohm, and 400W down to 0.094 Ohm.

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