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250C Prototype? Enclosure


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Oh, they're out there. I've built two so far. I just liked that enclosure because it is smallish and unfinished. Plus, it looks like it used screws to secure the enclosure rather than magnets.  Oh, and I like the buttons better too. Most of the 75C/250C enclosures other there use plain round buttons and I prefer either square or rectanglish buttons. 

If you're interested, check these out. I like the dripp3d enclosure better. It's slightly heavier but, very well made and a better design in my opinion. And no magnets!....



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Yep there are enclosures out there but I've not seen one like the one you asked about or one similar to it.  The size is approximately  (H)3 5/8"  x (W) 1 1/8" x (D) 1.5" and the front is curved with a recessed 510 Evolv connector.   Usually after market ERM enclosures become available that are approximately the same as the Evolv ones used for testing (such as the ERM for the DNA75, 75C, 200, 250) but  I haven't seen any yet for 4 cell DNA250C.  If they are out there maybe someone can post a link.... then both of us could build one..... I'm not big on magnets either and like square buttons....

So you can compare size the  second link you posted shows a box size of  4.9" (H) x  1.45" (W) x  2.6" (D) and the first link is just a tad smaller but both are much bigger than the one you asked about.....

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