Pre-built coils and wire from Advanced Vape Supply are A-OK

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I have used most of the SS316L coils and wire that Advanced Vapor Supply makes, and they have all worked perfectly in Replay mode.

Additionally, all of their wire is made in the U.S., is very clean, and of very high quality.

They also make some 430SS products specifically for Temp Control, but I have no experience with that particular SS wire. It is only recommended for advanced users.

They are located in Colorado.  Advanced Vape Supply

No affiliation, just a very satisfied customer.

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8 hours ago, Gus McNasty said:

For some reason my boaz doesn't work on my paranormal 250c

Does it not fire at all? Perhaps the 510 connection is too short.

The 520 connector has a slotted screw which may or may not mean its length can be adjusted.

So if you are not getting any power to the Boaz, you might contact AVS to see if that 510 screw is adjustable.


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On 8/2/2018 at 6:11 AM, ajoe said:

The Boaz RDA they make is also pretty nice,

They also have a current deal for 35% off spooled wire.

Love my Boaz! Great connectivity... Amazing for temp control! And love AVS, but I Clapton my own wire now and they are too expensive and don't sell spools longer than 100 ft. But seriously amazing company; I'm in Colorado and hoping to work for them actually

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I love my boaz RDA! Great flavor especially with there framed Staple coils. Have you tried the RDA on another device? I do feel the 510 pin on the RDA could protrude a bit more as it sits in fairly tight inside. Probably what your experiencing is the device your using isn’t making contact with it. 

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