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Case Analyzer/Thermal Settings


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I ran Case Analyzer and accepted.  However when I upload settings to device I get this warning.

Should the case start at room temperature. I was also wondering how accurate it would be if I am normally holding it in my hand, not while charging but when using.  Is it only testing for charge heat?1640569829_Screenshot2018-07-0618_03_55.jpg.e3e0f0e648310a7d433416eb13e3a056.jpg

These are the settings the analyzer plugged in.


Screenshot 2018-07-06 18.03.55.jpg

Screenshot 2018-07-06 18.04.17.jpg

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Let device set overnight with usb cable attached to it but not to EScribe....  case must be at room temperature..... connect to EScribe and start case analyzer and input room temperature without touching device....  battery level should be at most only at half charged...... let case analyzer run and then accept results....  

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That must be my problem.  I had been using it to get it down to 50%.


If I leave it plugged in overnight it will be fully charged so I'l just stop between 25%-50% when I quit tonight and hook it up in the morning.


Does the same go for Battery Analyzer except for start at 100%?

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So, I let it hang out in front of a fan overnight.  Then this morning I took it from in front of the fan and let it hang out for 10 minutes or so and pluged it in and ran Case Analyzer again but get the same warning.


This is what it plugged in when done this morning.  What can I do to get this right?


This is the first message that popped up.


  I noticed the temperature rises when I plugged it in. My room temperature is 77 according to the board.  If it's wrong it's only of by 2-3 so I used 77 as room temperature.  I think it's lower; could that be the problem?

Screenshot 2018-07-07 11.35.06.jpg

Screenshot 2018-07-07 09.29.42.jpg

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I think the thermostat on the chip might be screwed.  I'm letting it charge so I can Analyze the battery later but I didn't want it to get to warm so I set it front of the fan with the door off and it says the room is 57 degree.  That is way wrong.  I have a personal weather station with indoor temperature and 4 smart home devices telling me it's closer to 75.


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