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all conditions must have the same size

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Good Day,

I'm trying to design my own theme for my 250c but i keep getting an error: (Atomizer - Can Replay): All conditions must have the same size.

Has anybody encountered the same? anybody knows how to fix this?



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Hi Trice i also have this issue right now.  i posted a my thread a couple of rows down from you.  I also have the same sizes on the conditions as far as i can see but still get the "same size" error.

i will have a mess about in theme designer today and see if i can work it out but will also keep an eye on this thread to see if any of the theme maker people have an answer.


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found that i'm only having problem with the condition that has toggle on and off, it continues when I delete this condition.
Do you mean the file size or the dimensions? it's just weird, because i'm using the default "save puff" "cancel" images. 


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