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  1. Version 1.0.0


    My 1st Theme. All graphics done in Gimp.
  2. Hi Trice i also have this issue right now. i posted a my thread a couple of rows down from you. I also have the same sizes on the conditions as far as i can see but still get the "same size" error. i will have a mess about in theme designer today and see if i can work it out but will also keep an eye on this thread to see if any of the theme maker people have an answer.
  3. Turn on live ohms at the bottom and monitor that. It should show a rise in ohms as the puff continues/cool rises in temp. If not then the mod is not seeing it as at temp sensing coil. What sort of build have you got in?
  4. Does not matter you’re just completing the circuit to open a gate that will trigger a fet of some sort on the board. You could touch the 2 wires together without a switch and it would fire the mod. Any way round will be fine.
  5. Hi. Trying to make my 1st theme but have hit this problem. I have no idea what this means. Hoping there is a theme wizard on here who could help?😁
  6. This is an issue I also have. I built my own mod with a 4s lipo and can’t see how this is down to mod price (also watched his videos) as the USB port is part of the board and only be evolvs issue of it was faulty. Also In device monitor if I turn the charging off it shows 0.000a but not on case analyser which shows this leakage. It has a big effect on temp as I left the mod to acclimatise all night and all day and as it was waiting to reach a steady temp it went up over 10 Fahrenheit before the half hour was up so that trickle charge really dose raise the temp. Maybe I should al
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