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  1. hey Frank and Step, Thanks a lot for your help. Just got what my problem was, the field box and should match the on/off image size. Got the theme working now
  2. hi frank, yes they all have the same dimensions. it's also shown on the screenshot above that's why it's a bit weird.
  3. found that i'm only having problem with the condition that has toggle on and off, it continues when I delete this condition. Do you mean the file size or the dimensions? it's just weird, because i'm using the default "save puff" "cancel" images.
  4. Thanks for the reply step, yes they are all the same size.
  5. Good Day, I'm trying to design my own theme for my 250c but i keep getting an error: (Atomizer - Can Replay): All conditions must have the same size. Has anybody encountered the same? anybody knows how to fix this? Thanks,