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Power bank functionality

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I would like to use the power bank function with my mod as it has massive lipo haha 

I've tried using auto in the display tab with no success 

Using a toggle does not activate the power bank function on mine

I do not know how to configure a screen dedicated to the function yet

I have been using a newly bought USB OTG to USB 2.0 adapter and a tested micro USB cable that charges this DNA250 colour @ 2amps 

Escribe Version: 2.0 SP15.1 on a MacBook

Any advice would be much appreciated 


USB On-The-Go

The DNA 250C supports USB On-The-Go. An OTG adapter may be plugged into the Micro USB port on the device to charge any other device capable of charging via USB. By default OTG charging must be toggled on manually from the device. OTG charging can be configured to begin automatically using the Power Bank option in EScribe on the Display tab. OTG charging will not over-drain the DNA 250C.

DNA250C NLS G5 Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 4S 25~50C Lipo Pack  .jpg

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Set up a page for OTG Power Bank with all the toggles and info I could see to use

I can charge a power bank using micro USB but not charge my iPhone using a cable that I regularly use to charge that. 

This tells me the OTG adapter is working.  Maybe it's the current level from the mod that is the problem?


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If you completely turn off the iPhone before charging, it will turn back on when you plug it into the charger. 

If its on when you plug it in to charge, the battery symbol at the top right corner will turn green to indicate its charging. 

Additionally the lock screen will show the battery percentage followed by the word "charged" under the clock.

I get none of the above when using power bank OTG to charge my iPhone with a frequently used lightning cable and an alternate tested and working lightning cable

After setting up a screen with a toggle for each the mod shows it is connected and discharging 







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@conradisrugged The iphone, regardless of iteration, cannot stay in an "off" state when trying to charge.  As soon as a lightning connector is inserted an iPhone will automatically boot if the phone senses incoming voltage. You have to turn off the phone while it is actively charging to keep it in the off state.

@Guy Nicolson The Iphone requires certain components located in the USB supply, mainly current set/negotiation resistors in the charger. These components are non existent on the 250C. If the iPhone's proprietary charging circuitry does not see these components it will NOT charge. There is actually data communication between an iPhone and the charger; charge current negotiation. Most after market USB wall warts and USB charging hubs have the necessary components in place to accommodate an iPhone. An Android based phone does not require this protocol.

YAY! good job Apple........     (Apple being the special little snowflake)

Don't feel bad, i too use an iPhone and my 250C will not charge the phone. 

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