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  1. Guy Nicolson

    Show off your custom screens.

    Kay funs Light+ V3 mini V4 V5
  2. Guy Nicolson

    Show off your custom screens.

    A few e-phoenix screens
  3. Guy Nicolson

    Show off your custom screens.

  4. Guy Nicolson

    Show off your custom screens.

  5. Guy Nicolson

    Show off your custom screens.

    OBS ENGINE II What a brilliant RTA
  6. Guy Nicolson


    I removed the power bank function. Everything else should work fine enjoy YODA 75C.ecigtheme
  7. I had an idea about using transparency to animate like a flip book for the DNA250C. It developed into using an other image whilst charging and keeping the picture pieces used for the battery gauge at the same time. Yoda wallpaper 80x160 with a cut out the same size as the battery bar gauges 2 Lightsabre pictures for the battery gauges 2 Dagobah picture pieces the same size as the battery gauges to complete the picture when the mod is charging Planet Dagobah 80x160 pixel picture which shows when charging as well as the USB amp level and batt level All this takes up memory so the theme has 6 screens It works and looks good but it's impractical as it limits the theme YODA DAGOBAH CHARGE.ecigtheme YODA DAGOBAH CHARGE.m4v
  8. Guy Nicolson


    Version 1.1.0


    Lightsabre battery gauge USB Charge current Clock Live ohms and amps OTG Powerbank (not iPhone compatible) Stealth toggle Preheat and Boost
  9. Guy Nicolson

    Power bank functionality

    Thanks @ChunkyButt200 now I know why, I feel better haha
  10. Guy Nicolson

    Power bank functionality

    If you completely turn off the iPhone before charging, it will turn back on when you plug it into the charger. If its on when you plug it in to charge, the battery symbol at the top right corner will turn green to indicate its charging. Additionally the lock screen will show the battery percentage followed by the word "charged" under the clock. I get none of the above when using power bank OTG to charge my iPhone with a frequently used lightning cable and an alternate tested and working lightning cable After setting up a screen with a toggle for each the mod shows it is connected and discharging AUTOMATIC POWER BANK MODE ENABLED BATTERY DISCHARGING ( POWER BANK) CONNECTED AS POWER BANK
  11. Guy Nicolson

    Power bank functionality

    Set up a page for OTG Power Bank with all the toggles and info I could see to use I can charge a power bank using micro USB but not charge my iPhone using a cable that I regularly use to charge that. This tells me the OTG adapter is working. Maybe it's the current level from the mod that is the problem?