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Lost Vape Triade reads resistance .04 too high

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Hi folks.
Long time DNA fan.  During last years labor day sale I ordered a Triade 250 with a hefty discount.
About a month after opening it, I noticed that it was overreading the resistance by a decent amount.  I just tested it vs a very accurate Therion and the therion read .177 and the Triade .223
I checked on escribe and the internal resistance is set to .004.

I thought of maybe just focusing on the voltage output and using known tanks or known builds on my rda's but the hit felt different.

Now with the DNA250 out, I am ready to regift this barely used Triade DNA250.

I know now that my 6 month Lost Vape policy is gone,  I hear that I can mail my mod to Evolv and they will fix it.
Does anyone have any idea how much they charge?

My other option is fix it.  I can't find a thread on my mod, but it seems people had a similar problem with the Lost Vape Paranormal 166.
Maybe Vape shops (havent been to one in years) do repairs.

As I mention below, I tested the Triade with "atomizer analzyer" tool and it got .316 with no atomizer on it

anyways, I appreciate any thoughts.  Below, the resistance analyer for the Triade (batteries charging prob for the F) and the next for the therion.  Baby beast tank with the .15 mesh coil.




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Thanks for correction it is .004.

Just found something crazy, ran atmoizer analyzer without a tank and got .316!
Tapped it with bent paper clip and it dropped to .2 something then eventually went back up!

edit: It seems this "memory" of a restance that isnt there in atomizer analyzer can be cleared with hard reboot through escribe.   Thanks again.

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