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Add Replay To this Theme

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I can’t help you myself, but unless you truly love that theme, why not try one that has REPLAY configured properly in the meantime? Here is a popular one, many downloads, the author keeps it up to date and is very responsive and helpful. I’m using it, no issues.  Good luck!


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Heres your theme.  I have tested it this afternoon on a VT75D and it works great.

Replay is on a separate screen, accessed from the Main screen.

Replay power, warmth and boost are adjustable on 1  screen.

Replay mode can turned on or off  for any profile using the on / off switch on the Replay screen.

To avoid inadvertent adjustments :
When Replay is Playing the Settings screen is unavailable. The power, temperature. ohms, warmth, preheat or boost punch are read only.

When Replay is off or not playing all screens and adjustments work as normal.

Note : Main screen round robins instead of stopping at the bottom. Temperature setting is read only with non temp sensing wires.
Disabled Temp Protection on/off for non temp sensing wires on the Settings screen.
Fixed the ohms lock on the Atomizer screen.
Added Boost controls on the Atomizer screen for non temp sensing wires. Disabled Temp Protection on/off for non temp sensing wires.
Added Temperature adjust field to Atomizer screen for temp sensing wires. This allows power, temperature, preheat power and preheat temperature to be adjusted on 1 screen with temp sensing wires. Power and boost can be adjusted for non temp sensing wires as well.



Vapecige SD75c Replay.ecigtheme

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You are very welcome.

The theme is almost the same as what was on  my VT75D. I had it on mod testing the changes. The more I used it I just had to fix some things . I figured you would like the atty screen change and boost for kanthal.

The only thing  I did not like and did not change is on a lot of the screens if you press the fire button it returns to the main screen.  If you're used to that happening, cool. :)

Any who, If you want any changes to the theme let me know.


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