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250C charging


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Hello, is there a way to have the screen light up while charging that I just cant seem to find? after a few searches I have found the board has an led built in but the box I used to build the mod has no hole in it for the light to come thru, is the only option to tear the mod down and drill a hole to know its charging?

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Does your theme have a battery level icon and does it place a lightning bold in the battery level icon when charging.  This pic shows the battery level on a lock screen and while charging one only needs to press the fire button to turn the screen on and check the charging state.


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I'm with the OP on this one!

I liked the old way when you could light up the charging screen to what ever % you wanted.

At a quick glance you could see all the Cells charging & at what voltage they were at.

With my mods I can see the flashing Red or solid Green light, just got used to & like the old way better :)

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Cabbage Evolv Light and Cabbage Evolv Dark theme (the newest versions), found in the Downloads Section has a Battery Screen that Shows Total Voltage, Voltage for Each Cell, and Current output Amps of last vape. It is real time in both Non-Charging and Charging State.  Also when vaping you are at the Main Screen and while not charging you can select Battery and it will jump to the Battery Screen and you can see the state of all batteries,  Select Back and you are back to the Main Screen....

One of the best themes I've used...... Works with 75C and 250C 

Screen shot from Theme Designer of Battery Screen ..




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