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Graphene LiPo batteries are on the market. Anyone know anything about them?


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Looking at using a 4S Graphene LiPo to build a smallish DNA 250 Color based mod.
I'm assuming the charge time would be minutes as opposed to hours, so using a lower mAh graphene lipo wouldn't be as much of a giant PITA that using those 900 mAh LiPo's that many manufacturers were using with the DNA 200 was. I figure something like this one would be great for a short, fat little mod. https://www.amazon.com/Turnigy-Graphene-1300mAh-Square-Lipo/dp/B077HLLX8C/ref=sr_1_46?ie=UTF8&qid=1522390475&sr=8-46&keywords=4s+graphene+battery
Or if I can find something thinner and not too long, that may work too. Basically, I don't want a monster mod, but I don't want it to be a "2 hours and done" mod because the battery doesn't last very long and then takes four hours to charge.

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it'll charge faster than a regular LiPo at 2A, or if you'd need a higher amp charger (some graphene battery packs can charge at 15C) to speed it up significantly over a regular LiPo. If it does charge faster at 2A, then recharging the mod would be only about as inconvenient as carrying extra 18650's and swapping them out. :D

Anyone know about or have experience with these new graphene packs?

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If you are planning on charging via the USB port it does not matter the discharge rating of the LiPo as it is limited to 2A.

I find the Graphenes hit harder in PWM mods but give no real advantage with the DNA boards.

Take a look at the Turnigy Nano Tech series, they may have some LiPos with more mAh in the size you are looking for at a  better price.



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Personally  I have had better luck with the Nano Tech and the Multi Star lipo batteries in my quad copters and mods. The Graphene battery is more suited for an RC car with high amp requirement, not to mention the ridiculous price. But I am going to use 2 graphene batteries on a mod build due to them not doing well in one of my quads.

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True graphene batteries don’t exist. These are just a fancy wrapped, higher quality, LiPo. They are great cells, but they are also substantially bigger relative to a battery of same mah. They have insane C ratings, but we would never need the amps they are capable of. Less internal resistance and voltage sag, but that’s to be expected w/ any lipo. 

IMO, a 1s (3.7v) lipo with 2-3 amp charging and a DNA60 is the way to go. 

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