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  1. True graphene batteries don’t exist. These are just a fancy wrapped, higher quality, LiPo. They are great cells, but they are also substantially bigger relative to a battery of same mah. They have insane C ratings, but we would never need the amps they are capable of. Less internal resistance and voltage sag, but that’s to be expected w/ any lipo. IMO, a 1s (3.7v) lipo with 2-3 amp charging and a DNA60 is the way to go.
  2. Spector - Thanks so much! I think I figured it out and you are 100% right! I was expecting to get a connection without power going to the board, just as you would with the stock USB. So I connected the ground and a battery and I’m good to go!! Finally! Thanks for your input.
  3. Hi Wayneo, I have sorted out USB install in BB’s, but it is a fair amount of modding. I just wanted to try using different USB or taps that I could install with less modifications.
  4. Hi All, I have looked at, read, re-read, and been attempting to get EScribe/data connection using a generic USB breakout board. My understanding: From breakout board to DNA60: VCC to pin 15 via 10K ohm resistor Data + to pin 14 Data - to pin 13 @ChunkyButt200 can you please help? No connection. I’ve tried this several times on/off for a looooong time. Help is very-much appreciated in advance. And yes, USB cable is data capable.
  5. greenj22

    Help with off board buttons

    Yes - all you need to do is pin 1 (Down +) and pin 6 (up +) then the third wire is simply a ground and can be connected to any other ground/bat - pin (such as 2, 4, or 5). Cheers!
  6. Hi all, I just received small screen 60's and the display is garbled. I'm guessing it's something simple - like I just need to upload a specific display size or something via escribe.....but not quite sure. Anyone?
  7. greenj22

    Question - DNA 75/200/250 - Why?

    I see it differently. It would and should cost LESS. Do you really think that they are not able to make the 250 capable of running off of a single cell? They could pass along the savings of not even messing around with producing a DNA75 (I bet they could save some money if they dropped the LED. Lol) to the consumer or simply make more money - the latter is what I'm thinking is the hold up. And with mass production, the cost of those components only decreases I'm pretty sure. The 75 is marketed as a cheaper alternative, but is it physically $40 cheaper? I bet not. I'm going conspiracy theory here and saying that I think it's all for the revenue. The more products they can offer the more money they can make. There are many analogies for this. Why have multiple boards that likely cost VERY close to the same to manufacture when you could simply sell one? I understand they are different boards, but given the fact that the 250 can run any configuration EXCEPT 1s is very suspicious and odd to me.....unless I'm worng and they offer the firmware for it. Hell - they just came out with the 75C and added a larger screen, Escribe, and 9 volts yet the board is the exact same size. Sure, components cost a bit more, but my point is that they likely have the tech/talent in house to, for example, make the balance tap a breakout component! Why not?! Then you have a board w/ an identical footprint to the 75. Just an example. Make one board for 0-250 watts of that footprint - simple. I love this company - FYI. I just was sitting here and had that thought.
  8. greenj22

    Question - DNA 75/200/250 - Why?

    Hey all,I was thinking just now; why doesn't Evolv simply make ONE board capable of running on a single cell or a 2S/3S configuration? I'm not an electrical engineer, but obviously the DNA 250 can run at 75 watts, at 166/167 watts, 200, and 250. These boards are all the same footprint essentially (the balance tap being the notable difference) so basically any mod that incorporates a DNA 75 "frame"/layout, could fit a 250 (minus the 75C's b/c of the screen)...which leads me to wonder why....why 2-3 different boards? With all of the R&D/tech built into these chips, I can't imagine it being difficult or costly to simply produce one board capable of running on a single cell or multiple cells. Almost like a 250 can be run at 167....why not have Escribe firmware to allow that board to run a single cell at 75 watts? This now leads me to my final thought, which I would rather be completely wrong about: Do the 75, 200, 250 boards all exist simply as a way to sell more boards? Is this to have a larger catalog of products? Why sell three different boards when one board could do it all? I would also think this could cut manufacturing costs, and streamline mass production, marketing, and the sales cycle - all allowing a higher gross profit. What makes more sense - genuinely? I know the 75 is marketed as a more affordable chip, but would they not be able to play with the sale price of one board capable of it all? I can't see the justification of charging more for one board that can run all cell configurations. I think the 200/250 price point is the ceiling, but that's just me. Is it more cost-effective and better for the consumer to produce and sell 2-3 boards....or who's best interest is it in?EDIT: I suppose the balance tap adds in, what, about 4 mm? That is a nice little size difference to have with a DNA 75 vs a 250....but still!
  9. greenj22

    Soldering Small Screen to DNA 60

    I know people have soldered new small screens to their small screen boards, but has anyone ever tried or looked into soldering a small screen to a large screen board, such as the current stock of DNA 60's?
  10. greenj22

    DNA 60

    That is pretty brilliant! Really nice work!!!
  11. greenj22

    DNA 60

    How did you get EScribe to work through the daughter board? Are you using the VS USB and getting the 2 amp charging?
  12. greenj22

    Issue with Lavabox M

    I have a Lavabox M and have been having similar problems. It's the battery contacts. They don't hold as tight after time. It sounds obvious, but just try and move around the battery as you have a battery inserted until you (hopefully) have full contact. After that, (AT YOUR OWN RISK) a small piece of copper/brass slid between the negative terminal and the battery should work as a temporary fix. Just make sure it's not too big, but the inside of the lavabox battery bay is all plastic anyway.
  13. greenj22

    DNA250 3-s Lithium Polymer battery packs

    I agree completely Lipos are the way. Period. I don't understand the desire to swap 18650's when you can do the same with a lipo pack, let alone the power to size difference. One thing though; "grafine" or graphene battery technology is not anywhere close to being available to the consumer market. It's a pretty crazy technology that's still being researched. Turnighy "graphene" batteries, I have found, are the most superior lipo packs available to consumers. They may be a bit thicker due to their high (65C) ratings, but worth every penny and a small reduction in total mah IMO.
  14. greenj22

    Ground question

    Agreed, 110%. Evolv's customer service is second to none. I can't tell you how many boards they have helped out with, including direct phone calls from Nick w/ Evolv. As others have posted; show us the build. Retird has helped many people here by zooming in on those photos and literally diagnosing problems on the fly. Dont give up on Evolv, or your mod. They are a great company in the US doing amazing work for us vapers. One last thing; I was having a good deal of trouble with boards, and ultimately trashed (in a bag I kept) many boards. I have since refined my soldering and build skills and resurrected boards that had actually went "poof" with a bit of smoke! Evolv's products are damn close to as bulletproof as possible.
  15. greenj22

    DNA 60

    Also, as an update after running 60's for a few months - they are fantastic little chips. Truly amazing. Perfect balance of functionality/technology and form factor.