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Completely disable New/old coil message (no tc profile)?


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Hi guys,

I do not use temp control in any way shape of form. With the 75/200/250, when you set temp control to off in escribe on profiles, you are never asked the New/Old coil question.

Ever since I got a Therion BF 75c, every x amount of time I get the new/old coil question.

How can the same result be achieved with the 75c?

I've read that there could be a reading issue on the Therion BF (will look into the 510 later), but I just don't want that new/old message to pop since I'm always in wattage mode. It's aggravating to take a hit and realize it's not firing because it's asking that question!


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I could swear I've seen this asked and answered before for the 'C' board, and IIRC it was always theme related. You have a few options .... interrogate the theme yourself, send a message to the theme designer, wait for someone who's more familiar on where to look, or use the search function here. Unfortunately I don't own a 'C' board.

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13 hours ago, Flyingdutchman said:

I read in another thread to lock the resistance so that’s what I did last night and so far so good. 

If you lock the resistance and change atty, will it update the resistance if there is a % difference between the locked and new resistance?

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