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So right off the bat the company i purchased from Esauce has been very helpful. Great customer support. Every email i sent them has been responded too fast. However I've now purchased two of the same mods REBEL DNA 75 single 26650 costing over $500. First mod exploded in my hand and the battery caught fire. How did this happen you ask, well i was unscrewing a tank and along came the round siver part the tank sits on. Without relizing this i continued to unscrew, well something internall shorted out resulting in an explosion. So like an idiot I bought another one. This one had same exact problem, but this time i was aware and fixed it, so I thought. I have several tanks and loved the idea of presets. But ever other day the mod doesn't recognize any of my tanks. "No atomizer"ever time, every tank. They don't refund, however they say they will "fix" the problem. Well thats rough for me living in the states. I have to wait two weeks for them to receive it and then fix it (hopefully) and then send back, another two weeks. Now i have two shitty mods. Very disappointed. I will be selling both if issue is fixed. I mean i have a fucking eleaf 40w and never had an issue and that costs like $40. Wtf. Anyway if your thinking about buying this mod, don't. Yea its pretty but thats it. 

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7 minutes ago, Globie1kenobi said:

...... if your thinking about buying this mod, don't

So 233 words later, and you never did mention what mod it is. 

9 minutes ago, Globie1kenobi said:

... Esauce

I'm thinking this was Evolv with your autocorrect having fun.

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