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7-16 is the only update that works.....

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if i try and use the 8-07 or the new one 8-21 my board crashes luckily the computer can still read it and i wasnt able to soft or hard reboot but i was able to upload the 7-16 and that is the only one that is working on my device i am on parallels desktop running windows 8 i dont know if this can factor in i do plan on buying a windows laptop because a lot of the programs i been needing lately need windows software

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this is my second chip i have the v200 from hana and i know alot of people are experiencing problems from them but the first one worked fine in escribe till the chip crashed on its own with out being plugged in and now this one is having issues while plugged in maybe i should just wait till i have a real windows laptop and not a VM

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