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LED Button Help?

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So I'm still planning my DNA build and I was looking into using LED fire, up and down buttons. I'm somewhat new to the DNA boards but have made dozens of unregulated mods. Now, the fire button is momentary 3a/36vdc with a 2.8v LED and 15mA forward current. I figured I would just wire it to the positive and negative on the 510 so it would light up when fired. Would a 1/4v 270 ohm resistor protect the LED? Also the LED tact switches are 3v, 50mA forward. What size resistor would be needed and what would be the easiest way to wire those so that they will light up when pressed? Thanks

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Even with the LED built in, you will need to power the LED.  From Brandon's instructions, put your resistor on the board, the grab power off of the opposite two solder points:

If you look below the fire button you will see 4 small solder pads. Attach a 100 ohm resistor between the 2 pads on the left above the screen-printed 'F'.  Resistor link

Above the fire button, near the board edge and slightly off to the right, you will see 2 identical small solder pads. Attach your LED there, cathode side toward the middle of the board.

That will give you what you want.

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