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Left fields don't changes in charging mode.


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Hi everybody, I have a VT200, I updated it with the latest firmware 30/09/2015
Left info (ohm, volt, temperature) doesn't change when I put it under charge with USB cable.

If I change default fields in non charging mode every field works as expected but they don't change, regardless it is USB connected or not.

The problem was still present with older firmwares.

I tried different USB cables and wall chargers.
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awsum140 said:

I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but you do realize that the standard screen has to time out and you need to increase the charging screen brigtness using Escribe to be able to see the display during charging.  I fell into that same trap, LOL.

That was the problem, thanks man, however it's not explained very well in the software
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