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After reading more posts, I'm afraid I need to ask an extremely noob question. When is it ok to connect the battery? I am planning on using an aluminum case. My current plan is to use 3 bolts glued to the inside of the case (with electrical epoxy) as studs to mount the board using 6 nuts so I can adjust the height as I go along. That grounds the board to the case right? At that point it is ok to install the battery, via an XT60 correct? BTW, what's the preferred epoxy in an application like this?

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Would it be ok to wire my build this way????

Connect positive and negative wires from battery to positive and negative input pads on board. (would have plugs in middle of each wire) 
Connect positive output wire from board positive output pad to positive pin on 510.
Connect additional ground wire from battery negative wire after plug to negative on 510.

This would eliminate the need for a wire from the negative output pad on the board to the negative on the 510 and require one less solder point on the board.

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