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Tolerable imbalance?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Probably should have followed this up sooner. Turns out it was a bad battery. It fully charged to 4.2 per cell, but it was sagging massively under load. At full charge it wouldnt even fire at 50w on a 0.2 kanthal build.

When i plugged it in its because cell 2 was sagging to 3.1v, from full.

Swapped the battery and now my battery life has pretty much doubled and im using a lower capacity battery.

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My battery is less imbalanced than that-but is giving me a battery error message. I think it is 100% the Li-Po though, as it arrived a 3.7 volts! So I had to use escribe battery recovery, but it still throws out the error message if left idle for half hour or I remove and reconnect the battery- but if I connect to Escribe it boots straight away so I can use it. 

I am trying a full USB recovery charge and also hard reset the device- Before I only used it for an hour or so, then finished on the usb port but the wall charger, I am hoping a full from near zero recovery charge will sort the issue, as gearbest are idiots, I described the problem in detail, and they then said could you please explain your problem in detail. 

I sent a similar message, tried to make it easier to understand, and showed them the error message. I do not expect them to replace it though and wont use gearbest again, but I got a fully made DNA 200 for the price the chip retails for in the UK, so even if I have to replace the Li-Po, it is still a fully made, great working unit for under £100, the cheapest in the UK are £180+.

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