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Charging confusion


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Just got my vapor shark DNA 200 yesterday and I think something happened while charging... I plugged it into my usb power bank shortly after I got it and plugged it in the 2.1 amp port and saw it charging at 1.94 amps... Came back a few mins later and the usb battery was dead... Appears to me that it's fried... Won't work at all now.. I've tried plugging my vapor shark into 6 different usb chargers advertised as being a 2.1 amp charger and I'm only getting 1.0-1.3 amps max now... Has anyone experienced this?

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I may be mistaken, but the charging thru on-board USB is limited to 1 amp. Your issue may be a result of charging over 1 amp. Does it still charge when plugged into a .5 or 1 amp wall brick or your computer USB? Can your back up battery pack charge at lower amperage? 

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DTrinkkeller said:

It will charge at .5 amp and 1 amp but not 2.1 amp anymore.... The vapor shark has a "zip" charge feature that you can charge at 2.1 amps

I had to deal with Vapor Shark support on an rDNA 40, and it was the daughter board. They did a good job, I dealt with "Victor" who answered my support ticket.

If it's the daughter board, I'm thinking maybe a connection on one of the two charging circuits got warm the first time and lost solid connection, and the other circuit is working. I didn't know that if one failed the other would charge, so this is strictly speculation, or it could be it goes over to the factory charge circuit as a failsafe.

The only thing I can think of besides that is if you updated the firmware or something, or reset the settings, and it reset the charging rate in escribe, if that's possible with the shark. I don't have a shark 200 and don't know if it's the same charge rate settings.

You can go to device monitor in escribe and click "Diagnostic" to get a menu that says set charge current, and choose 2 amps or 2.1 amps and see what you get.
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Are you charging with a 24-gauge cable? Many USB cables aren't capable of pushing 2 amps. Some sub-$1 6ft ones I use for other purposes top out at 0.3A or so. :)

Monoprice's 24AWG micro B will definitely work. They're only about $1.50 on Monoprice's own website. Kind of bulky though.
I would give you a link but it appears the "free" forum service we are using replaces Amazon links with Wal-Mart links. Grr.
I like their $3 "premium" USB cables as well, though I haven't tested a 2A charge with them. Really, any 24-gauge cable will do.

Also, when the battery is nearly full, charge will be put in more slowly so as to not overcharge the cells. We don't let any of the cells go over 4.20V.

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