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dead lipo on VTBox200?


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So I have a VapeCige VTBox200 that stopped firing and charging after one day. While waiting for the Chinese holiday to pass, I shelved the device with (according to the battery gauge), about 50% charge. 

Today, I picked up the device to see if I could breathe new life into it, and found the device completely 'dead'. I hooked it up to my PC and all 3 cells are at 0.00v.

As before, it will not charge, but now that I have another DNA200 (and have spent some time on the forums), I am starting to think that it could be that the battery is broken, not the board.

I have opened up the device and the fuse seems to be OK.

I tried the 'recovery USB charging'. It's been charging for about 2 hours so far, and the device monitor reads:
Pack: around 2.7v
Cell 1: 1.09  
Cell 2: 1.59
Cell 3: changing frantically, anywhere between 0.09-0.32

- Is the behavior on cell 3 an indication that the lipo is busted?
- How long should I leave the device in recovery charging mode (the lipo is cold to the touch)?
- Is it normal for a lipo (or the DNA200 board) to lose *all* of its charge when shelved for a few weeks? I know that batteries will slowly lose their charge, but have not seen this with any of my other regulated mods (it seems that 'off' does not actually cut the power).


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Cell 3 may be impossible to recover and the pack is shot.  I see no reason why you can't leave it for a few more hours though.  I don't know the standby power requirements of the DNA200, but it should not have driven them down to 0.  I suspect a bad pack or cell at this point (that took the others down to 0).

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Have you update the firmware since getting it?   The very first batches of boards went out with pro-production firmware that the manufactures and resellers should have updated to a release version and that had an issue that could discharge the batteries, but it shouldn't have go out into the wild.

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Interesting. I am pretty sure I did when I first received it, because I downloaded the latest eScribe + firmware from this forum right before the device arrived.

As an update: Cell 3 is now stable at 0.00v, so my guess is that the battery pack is indeed kaput. Going to leave it for a few more hours, but I am not very hopeful.

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