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Feature request: See/change the active profile

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My beta screen is pinched and dead, but I found that using the device without the screen is actually not so bad. I get by with muscle memory, and the occasional visit to EScribe.

Escribe does it all, except one very basic thing (unless I'm missing something): I cannot see which profile is currently active. (The Device Monitor allows me to make some educated guesses, though.)

I hope that the information about which profile is currently active can be added to EScribe for completeness.
The ability to change this setting via EScribe would also be nice.

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I have some DNA 40s that I can cannibalize, just haven't gotten around to it. Also, yesterday I received a spanking new Sbody Macro with the DNA 40, very pleasant to use, so there's no rush.

I think I might just wait until the screens become widely available again. And/or get the Wismec. There's something about those 18650s... :)

Update: After much rummaging, I was able to find a spare DNA 40 bigscreen. Yay, I can see what I'm doing again.

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