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Just wanted to check this is correct to use.

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Hi people. 

My DNA200 was last updated at O'Hare airport yesterday-so may well of flown already/flying tonight. Once it is in the UK it usually turns up the next day or two, so I may even have it back tomorrow if I am lucky-If not definitely beginning of next week. 

Now, I have a charging question. I want to set my device to how I like it, then leave it, unless I want to tweak it or update the firmware/create a new custom screen. 

I have a fused (UK, all plugs have fuses) 1Amp 5V wall USB charger. This would be preferable to use for me, I just wanted to check this is the right type of charger? 

I don't want to break my repaired DNA200-so just want to make sure this is OK. The first charge will be in Escribe to check the battery and upload settings, but future charges with the mentioned charger as long as it is correct. 

Thanks everyone, Conan. 

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Also silly question-but do I just connect to escribe, straight to USB? I don't have to choose anything on the mod before do I, and to remove it I always press 'disconnect'-I am getting the wismec in a week as I have pre ordered it, but want to use this as well, so make sure I am not damaging my device in any way, shape or form. 

Is the 1A wall charger sufficient, or would it be better to get a higher rated adapter, and then let the mod pull what it wants? Or stick to the 1Amp 5V adapter I have. 

Sorry for the questions-I have a lot of regulated mods and mechs, but the DNA 200 is a whole different experience. 

Bit peeved that my brand new hotcig battery seems to be charging cell 2 and 3 to 4.2 volts, but cell 1 is unbalanced at around 3.84 volts. Its' not fully charged, but  has stayed at 3.84 volts for ages. 

I am going to use the device now, till near empty, then charge again, and hope the cells are balanced closer.

If I have more problems with the hotcig I will just write it off as a costly mistake. 

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Any usb cable should work fine, I've had issues with some not working with the device but other than that most should work.. Yes just plug usb into pc and micro usb into mod and you'll get the pop up for the device.. when you get that pop up you can change the name if you want too dx200 or reuleaux (want you want basically) press ok and all your settings from your device will come onto the screen.. If you go to the screen tab and change the charging brightness above 50% when you charge the device it will come up with the amps, the mod won't take in more than 1 amp so don't worry if the plug or usb can handle more that will be fine (you may notice when plugged into pc it will only charge at 0.5 amps which is fine also as the usb on your pc may only release that current). That's really unbalanced.. if you take the battery out are all the connections secure, sounds like a faulty battery.. I wouldn't write the mod off though as you can buy spare batteries for it which could be an option for you. Go on escribe and change all default fields to cell 1, 2 & 3 and keep an eye on the voltage as your vaping.. also what are your watt hours set at?

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I have found that the quality of the cable matters.

Using your 1amp charger try different cables and observe the charge current. Obviously the higher the current the better. In general I have found shorter cables of heavier gauge wire will deliver better charging current. I have also found that simply looking at a cable is not always a good indicator, actually watch the charge current while in use.

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