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Ti vs Ni200


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Okay guys new to the temp reg game. My question is I got a lavabox, using subtank mini's. I got a couple of Ni200 heads for it, one only lasted a tank or too before popping probably my fault, but both I had to run in high 400's to about 510. Got some ssv Ti 26g to build on rda. Love Ti taste to the Ni200, but running the temp at 320 to 350. 350 is almost to warm sometimes, but the Ni200 was still a cold vape at even 480. Anyone else seen these differences? Ni200 was .15 ohm, 3 different Ti builds, 2 on subtanks and 1 on freakshow. .38 ohm, other 2 around .26 ohm.

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If you are talking the csv file to Ti.  Yes I did. other than that I do not see a way to do that. I did just download the steam engine Ti gr1 csv and tried and it acts like the more like the nickel did.  looking at the csv files and monitor they hit different ohms for same temp.  ssv one shows around .70 ohm at temp, SE file is around .60 ohm at temp.
 Could the files be that far off?

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SSV said:

We provide custom TCR (normalized TFR) files for our Titanium.  You can download here =)



Unless you really changed your alloy since the beginning .. your CSV files will light cotton on fire. Yes I have your latest "TFR/CSV files" and ended up completely rewriting the files before they worked.

Also your wire with any long legs in TC they light-up / glow way too hot. Titanium legs will also be hotter, but nothing like this below! I use Titan Wire or any Grade 1 Titanium. The extra Fe, Iron, or whatever you've added ruins it in TC.

Sweet Spot Ti-alloy wire:
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I have had zero luck with SSV's .csv file for the 0.4mm wire. I use either their 0.5mm .csv file (even if I'm building with 0.4mm wire) or the Titanium1 .csv file from Steam Engine. The SSV .csv curve for the 0.4mm wire is way too steep. I would love to hear an explanation on why the same material supposedly requires two different curves. Makes no sense to me.

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