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Several temp related problems - Evolve! Please help!


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I have several questions/problems that I can't seem to figure out. I hope someone here has my answers.

1.) When setting up a new wire, what is the best route? Using a TCR file from SteamEngine or using the wire wizard via SteamEngine. I notice when using the TCR, changing the resistance, changes the file's values. Using the wizard, the values appear to remain the same. Is this correct?
Am I doing this wrong? I have tried both with the TCR files and the wizard with slightly better results with the wizard.

2.) I have setup 3 different types of attys. Each has the same wire type with roughly the same resistance. I have a profile setup using a wizard generated file. One of the attys seems work as I expect. Nice vape, not too hot.... When I switch to either of the other two attys, with the same profile, same temp setting, the vape gets very hot to the point that the wick tastes burnt almost immediately. 

Hard rebooting MIGHT resolve the issue for ONE of the attys but not all 3. If it makes any difference the 3 attys this is happening with are:
Smok TFV4 <- Worst offender
Tob Supertank RBD <-Works perfect (or as expected) every time
Kanger mini <-Works most of the time

I posted about this in another thread and thought it might get some traction as an admin here going by James asked some questions and for my settings file but I have not heard anything back.

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TBH I think your issues are all tank related, using ohms lock would probably help with the 2 that are giving you problems.  Not all atomisers have stable enough connection for temp limiting especially clearomisers like the SubTanks, IIWY I would get it working with a decent rebuildable tank, dripper or genny using Ni200 and no custom materials profiles first.  All you are doing with a Hard Reboot is forcing it to lose it's short term memory and treat the atomiser as a new one at room temperature.

If you search this forum there are a few threads about the TFV4 that may help you.

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Hi skineedog

I've found using a diff profile for different atomisers/tanks even if their very close in resistance seems to work for me.
I.E. Profile 1 called subtank profile 2 called Smok etc etc and set each up , if you just swap out a tank for another and the resistance is so close it may not ask "New Coil?"
In which case it doesn't seem to work right for the the next tank fitted , I can't necessarily explain it but it works fine for me doing it that way and its mere seconds to switch profiles.
As for steam engine , I don't know what wire your using , I'm assuming Ti or SS but I found the Steam engine .csv not so great for my Ti wire and used Sweet Spots own .csv and its worked flawlessly ever since.
Hope that helps you somewhat.



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