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1590a 2s setup


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Hey I plan to build a DNA 200 in a 1590a CNC box. From the looks of it at most I could fit a 1000mah 3s battery. I'm concerned this won't suit my vape style battery life wise. I've searched but yet to see a 1590a 2S lipo setup. Has anyone found a battery to suit that would give more than 1000mah in 2S config. 1590a is as big as I want my box. The 200w vs 130w isn't too much of a concern as I could always toss in a 3s to experiment with TC. Do post your findings on best possible batteries in either 2s or 3s configurations in the 1590a (cnc or regular, as the Cnc box is slightly larger) If there any suggestions on other boxes that can be used that could fit better batteries any input is appreciated! And do post links of where I can find these items. I'm in Canada so if you know local sources do post it.

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