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Battery Discrepancies


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I have been using my Hana V200 for ~3 weeks now and I am starting to notice an issue with the battery. When I first got it each cell would charge up to 4.20 volts across the board, but now the cell voltage will rarely charge (compared to the Wh charge) while charging IE: at 3.87v my battery should have 60% capacity according to my discharge profile, but the capacity shows at 75% when i have 3.87v in each cell. This has led to an incomprehensible change in battery life. IE: I let my mod charge all night and when I wake up it is at 100%, I leave for work without taking a pull yet and while i am on my way to work i puffed it maybe 4-5 times, by the time i got to work when I went to fire the mod it was telling me "Check Battery". When I got it plugged into my work pc with Escribe the analyzer was saying that the battery had .145 Wh left. How does this happen and how can i fix/prevent?

Edit: This issue has been fixed, i reset the device as a new one and went to hanamods.com and got the battery info and that solved this issue

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Ok, I was able to correct the previous issues but now all 3 cells are under 2V and I had it on charge last night and it didn't charge at all. I was using an apple power block 5V 1A which normally charges fairly quick (at .99A) but it has been charging no higher than .11A now and the cell voltage continues to drop even though I have it plugged in and charging to my computer using Escribe. I am going to continue to monitor the battery and cells throughout the day. Hopefully the USB recovery charge does it's job. 9-16-2015_10-41-57_AM.png 

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Looks like the cells may have dropped too low to trigger the full charge current. In that Device Monitor window try doing Diagnostics > Advanced > Perform USB Recovery Charging.

Some people have had luck using an external lipo balance charger to bring the packs back, but that's not for everyone, especially if you have a device warranty.

Either way, that is lower than I am normally comfortable with a pack getting, but you should be okay as long as the pack doesn't puff or anything.

edit: I saw that you were already doing a recovery charge, sorry for the pointless advice. 9_9

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No, thats fine any advice is helpful I have a smart trickle charger at my house i might try charging that way. do you happen to know if i would need to unsolder the battery from the chip or would i be able to charge with the battery still attached?
I have attached current battery info... it is slowly rising and I just tried another recovery charge but not much changed besides the wh going down to 0.000

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