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  1. DogMods

    Battery Discrepancies

    Looks like the cells may have dropped too low to trigger the full charge current. In that Device Monitor window try doing Diagnostics > Advanced > Perform USB Recovery Charging.Some people have had luck using an external lipo balance charger to bring the packs back, but that's not for everyone, especially if you have a device warranty.Either way, that is lower than I am normally comfortable with a pack getting, but you should be okay as long as the pack doesn't puff or anything.edit: I saw that you were already doing a recovery charge, sorry for the pointless advice.
  2. DogMods

    Replacement Screens

    Uh oh! Bummer, I have like 3 or 4 chips here that are sans screens and could have used a few.
  3. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Both mods still going strong. Historically if they were going to pop the fuses they would have done so by now. Thinking this is now resolved. The issue was either a nearby component shorting or a atty short issue through the ground pads.
  4. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    I wouldn't trust it, especially since pressure is involved. I've had things short right through the stuff with a light amount of pressure, I wouldn't want to hedge my bets on something nut/bolted.
  5. DogMods

    Replacement Screens

    How can I get a handful of replacement screens? Is there a electronics parts vendor with them anywhere with the specific setup and ribbon the DNA is using? I have looked for part number MI12832DO but have not had much luck. Failing this, how much are they through Evolv?
  6. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    First day of the fix still going strong....
  7. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Board is now completely insulated from the standoffs and enclosure, and there are no conductive materials around the mounting holes now. Did this on Mod 1 and Mod 2, so hopefully this will resolve it. Will be delivering the mods back later today.
  8. DogMods

    DogMods 5x DNA200 VapeStation Project
  9. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Nut and screw or just nut?[/QUOTE]Just nuts, the screws shouldn't ever be an issue I don't think. I am thinking the nuts are touching something nearby.
  10. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Small update, I have ordered some Nylon mounting hardware to see if that resolves the issues as they seems to be mounting relating.
  11. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Repairing "Mod 1" now and am going to put Kapton around each standoff and see if that resolves the issue.
  12. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Updating the OP, "Mod 1" just blew its second fuse.
  13. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    Sorry, I don't think I was clear enough, I meant to actually create a short while the mod is actively firing. IE, fire the mod, as it is producing vapor THEN short the atty. I am not sure if this would be enough to split second pop the fuse or not.
  14. DogMods

    Fuse Popping Tracking

    This is massively helpful. I was planning to do this tonight. Did you try it while it the mod was firing? IE laying screwdriver across the atty posts, etc?