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Running multiple DNA200's with different profiles-how?

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Hi people. I watched a 3 hour long tutorial on Escribe that was on youtube, so am pretty versed in it, this was a while ago. 

But, for the life of me, I can not remember how to set up Escribe so I can run my hotcig, with its own settings, and the wismec realaux with different profiles. 

As I am getting it sometime next week, I have pre ordered it, I want to know how to now so I can get a basic profile set up ready for the device. 

So, just some advice really on how to run more than 1 DNA200 device in escribe, with different settings and profiles for each device. 

Thanks everyone, Conan.

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Escribe takes the settings from the device, so no mater how many you plug in Escribe will not mix them up. You can load settings, profiles, themes etc from a file after you attach the device then save them to the device if you want to copy from one device to another, just be carfull not to copy the mod settings (res, thermals & battery).

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Ahh-I have realised something, it seems to be recognizing the v2 as the V1 in escribe, the efusion is fine, but not the hotcig-is this why I am having battery issues as it thinks the same device is being put in straight after a charge, causing the balance issues of the V2?

EDIT: Nope, not that, it is recognising them as different devices. I only replied here as I have started another thread as there seems to be an issue with my hotcig v2, it was fine but now it is reading batteries out of balance and not charged-while on the v1 in escribe the same battery reads as fully charged and balanced. 

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