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Wire Stability


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Same atty, same mod. Different wires & coil resistance. The mod is set to the correct wire when this happens. Take a look at how wire 1 bounces around when hitting temp and wire 2 is much more stable or smooth. Any idea why? I have ensured contacts are clean & screws are tight. If it matters, wire one is SS 304. Wire 2 is NiFe30.
I should add that this atty has been consistent with NiFe. This is the first time I have used any other wire with it. I'm wondering if the atty being made of what I assume is SS430 is causing some sort of 'conflict' or if SS304 just isn't a good choice in wire? I have some titanium I've yet to try...



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ss has such a small TCR the mod struggles to maintain a certain temp. because it has a small margin for error, it'll bounce around like that. the mod has to try and maintain certain temp within a very confined, short resistance range of SS.   try looking at a graph when you run ni200, (it'll be even smoother than your nife build's graph) since it's tcr is so high, .006 the dna has loads of headroom to fine tune the temp, which makes it a nice smooth line in device mon.

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