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Original custom setting not working since update.


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Sorry if its bad of me to start a new thread about SS but i have had something odd happen.

Since i have done the recent update my SteamEngine CSV i made for my SS317L wire has stopped temp controlling.

I go to fire it and the temp on the screen just goes to 'OFF', if i'm not mistaken this means its running in wattage mode, Its not sensing a temp control setup.

Used to work fine...... :(

It seems to now only behave on the preloaded 316 setting.

The even odder thing is the preloaded 316 appears to behave 10x better than my original CVS.

This is the wire i'm using

7 Spaced wraps on a duel coming out at 0.16ohm

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Have attached an image of both profiles, only thing i can see is my custom profile doesn't seem to start at the start of the graph.


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I don't know if this is any help, but I have had difficulty loading new profiles through my normal way of :- 
1, selecting the mod tab in escribe
2, select load csv
it wont have it,,

what i'm doing is
1, select materials tab from escribe
2, select the  little  file icon, (open material)
3, load my csv file from there,

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